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About Us

What We Do

Stone Dynamics is a full-service custom Winnipeg Granite countertop company. We offer a large selection of high-quality Winnipeg granite countertops including Black Pearl, Sageberry Green, Kashmier Gold, and many more. We have hand selected all of our colors so that no matter what kind of room you're transforming, we have something that will look great in that space.

Discover endless design possibilities, from Winnipeg Granite countertops, bathroom vanities, tub surrounds and fireplaces, to precise custom granite inlays. Every project is different, and regardless of what project your undertaking Stone Dynamics has a team of granite experts to oversee it. No matter what stage of the project you're in - our team will make sure that the work is done right, and all your questions get answered. As you'll see, our expertise in granite projects and sophisticated Titan cutting machine differentiates us from our competitors in the Winnipeg Granite Countertop Market.

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Granite is one of the oldest solids on earth. It is formed from liquid magma, a molton rock mixture that is still found at the core of the planet today. When magma cools it forms a solid substance that becomes incredibly hard and durable - similar to that of diamond. Granite however, is formed from igneous rock and gets its hardness and form from the fact that it solidifies deep in the earth, under extreme pressure. Over time, granite works it way up to the surface of the earth and has been found all over the globe.

Due to this process granite is extremely cumbersome - and remarkably hard. It takes skill and sophisticated equipment to work with it. Stone Dynamics, your Winnipeg Granite Countertop Specialist uses computer operated rotary bits as well as a Titan countertop stone centre to get the best possible look and shape.

Check it out in action below.

Why Granite?

There are many reasons to choose granite for your Winnipeg Granite Countertop. Granite is a very hard and natural stone that is exceptionally durable. It's widely considered to be one of the best stones to use in your home because it's scratch and wear resistant, and you can cut directly on it without fear of damaging your counter top. It's not uncommon for a granite countertop to look exactly the same as it did on its install date, 20 years or more after the fact.

It is also highly resistant to staining and chipping. Darker color granites do not require sealing for many years since the stone is naturally less porous than lighter stone. However all lighter stone granite at Stone Dynamics have been treated and baked with a resin to make them highly stain resistant as well.

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Q: Can heat from stovetops or cookware crack or harm the granite?
A: No. Granite is extremely heat resistant and cookware can be placed directly on its surface without damage. Granite conducts heats and is even used for open flame baking and barbecuing.
Q: Can I scratch my countertop?
A: No. Granite is one of the hardest stones available. It cannot be cut or scratched from ordinary use. A knife blade will not damage it.
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Q: How should I care for my granite countertop?
A: Stone soap is your best bet. Typical house cleaners will work, however they have a tendency to leave streaks. Granite countertops also have a sealer applied to them at the time of fabrication that boosts protection from stains. We recommend that you re-seal it every few years. Since colours and cuts have an impact on how often you should re-seal, we recommend you check with us if you're unsure.
Q: Can I chip my countertop?
A: Not through ordinary use. We've seen chipping or cracking on our granite products through extreme abuse though, such as an impact with a hammer or other such tool. In these cases the chip and/or crack can be filled with a granite dust and epoxy mixture.
Q: I've seen granite countertops with ugly seams before, why?
A: Improper measurement or other inexperienced mistakes can sometimes lead to installation with unsightly seams. However, sometimes seams are unavoidable. This is because granite is typically mined from a quarry in blocks no larger than 10 feet long. The visibility of the seam depends on the color and pattern of the rock. Stone Dynamics has multiple methods to minimize the length and look of a seam if one is unavoidable. Since each situation is unique we will go over all available options with you regarding seams and make a decision together.
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Q: How do you come up with your granite countertop prices?
A: Prices are based on granite type, cut type, sink & cook top considerations, and square footage.
Q: Do granite countertops overhang the cabinets?
A: Typically, the countertops overhang by 1.75" but may be changed due to personal taste or space configuration.

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